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Docomo made a flying spherical display out of a drone

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I wake up every morning and I ask myself: "Will this be the day that a Japanese telecom builds a drone that works as a floating spherical LED display?" Today, Docomo made my dreams a reality, as spotted by Engadget.

Docomo just announced what it calls the "world's first spherical drone display," which is basically a drone inside a spherical frame, with curved LED strips that spin rapidly to create the illusion of a spherical screen. The "resolution" is 144 pixels high and 136 pixels around the circumference.

Photo: Docomo

As if this wasn't excellent enough, Docomo actually wants to turn its spherical drone display into a product in a couple years. I have absolutely no plans to purchase one, but I like the high-concept commitment it shows. The drone display will be shown off at a conference in Japan this weekend.