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Anki is releasing Fast and the Furious-themed smart toy cars

Anki is releasing Fast and the Furious-themed smart toy cars

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Anki is updating its Overdrive line of smart toy cars next month with a special line dedicated to the Fast and the Furious. The new kit will include two recognizable cars: Hobbs’ MXT and Dom’s Ice Charger. I assume if you watch the movies you’ll know what these cars are. Beyond the branded cars, players will get a special modular track that also appears to have the Fast and the Furious name on it. It’ll fit with any other modular tracks you have from Anki.

The idea behind Anki’s toy cars is that you physically build a track with the vehicles, and then control and play with them over an app. You can face off against friends or AI. This new kit includes games that were built with the films’ storylines in mind.

The set will be available to preorder starting May 16th for $169.99. It includes two cars and multiple track pieces and guardrails, as well as a charging platform. But it won’t ship until September, which is incredibly far off. Not only do you have to wait around for four months, but the tie to the newest Fate of the Furious movie is basically nil at that point. Still, if your love for the franchise is undying, it might be worth the wait. Plus, it’ll be out in time for the holidays.