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Master & Dynamic is teaming up with Leica to make some great-looking headphones

Master & Dynamic is teaming up with Leica to make some great-looking headphones

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Master & Dynamic is known for its high-end headphones. Leica is known for its high-end cameras. Now, the two are coming together to collaborate on some limited-edition Master & Dynamic headphones with Leica-themed designs.

The new “Master & Dynamic for 0.95” collection, as it’s known, takes Leica’s Noctilux-M 50mm f/0.95 ASPH camera lens as inspiration and applies the all-black color scheme and famed Leica red dot to Master & Dynamic’s MW60, MH40, and ME05 headphones, along with a matching black steel MP1000 headphone stand. Additionally, the inside of the ear pads on the MW60 and MH40 over-ear headphones will be similarly shaded in Leica red. And along with the black-and-red color scheme, the 0.95 collection also features ridges on the ear cups that are intended to echo the ridges on Leica’s lenses.

The changes to the headphones are purely cosmetic here — there’s no talk of retuning the acoustics for Leica’s specific specifications or design that you sometimes see on branded headphones like this. That said, much like Leica’s cameras, the black-and-red colorway remains an incredibly good-looking combination that suites Master & Dynamic’s headphones quite nicely.

Master & Dynamic and Leica are also pricing the 0.95 variants exactly the same as the company’s standard color options: $549 for the over-ear, noise-canceling MW60s; $399 for the MH40s; $199 for the in-ear ME05s; and $59 for the MP1000 stand. Again, there’s little reason to upgrade if you already have a pair of Master & Dynamic’s headphones, unless you really like the Leica aesthetic. But if you’re looking to pick up a new pair, the Leica-themed variant won’t cost you extra.