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Razer's new Lancehead mouse offers 'tournament-grade' wireless performance

Razer's new Lancehead mouse offers 'tournament-grade' wireless performance

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Wireless mice are great for gaming in theory. There's no cable that can get in the way, or tug on the mouse when you run out of slack. Unfortunately, many wireless mice have bad wireless performance — either with latency or connectivity issues — and that bad performance is compounded in situations with high interference. Like at a pro gaming tournament, for instance.

Razer's all-new Lancehead mouse is the latest attempt to solve these problems. Lancehead uses frequency hopping in the 2.4GHz band to dodge interference, and Razer claims the mouse "outperforms every other wireless gaming mouse" in lag-free performance.

That's a tall statement. Logitech's own mouse meant to solve the wireless gaming problem, the G900, works perfectly well in areas with high interference, so I'm looking forward to a head-to-head that can truly crown the victor.


Spec-wise, Lancehead has a true 16,000 DPI sensor, which can track at 210 inches-per-second and handle an absurd 50G acceleration. It has Razer Mechanical Mouse Switches, dedicated buttons for sensitivity switching, and a few extra programmable buttons. The design is ambidextrous, which is good news for us lefties. The mouse also includes internal memory to save and sync mouse settings offline, in addition to the existing cloud-syncing functionality Razer offers through Razer Synapse.

Razer's also offering a wired version of Lancehead in the ironically named Lancehead Tournament Edition, which bumps the inches-per-second tracking speed to 450.

The wired version is available now for $79.99, and the wireless Lancehead will ship in Mid-may for $139.99.