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Acer’s new Leap Ware smartwatch looks like a Pebble Time Round with more sensors

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Acer announced its Leap Ware smartwatch today that features the MediaTek MT2523 chipset and the company’s MT2511 bio-sensing chip. Acer appears to be positioning the smartwatch as a stylish, fitness-oriented device that can monitor heart rate, stamina, stress / fatigue levels, and UV ray exposure. The company doesn’t explicitly list the sensors inside the device, but presumably it’s relying mostly on that bio-sensing chip.

Leap Ware can reportedly last three to five days on a single charge and features a 42mm watchface with 20mm bands. Those bands can be swapped out, and Acer sells its own navy blue and light brown options. Unfortunately, Acer’s watch doesn’t run on Android Wear, so to pair it with an iPhone or Android device, you’ll have to go through the company’s Liquid Life app. It’s through the app that you can set fitness goals or compete with friends. How many of your friends own Acer wearables, though?

The Leap Ware goes on sale in North America in July for $149. It’ll be on sale in the EMEA region during the latter half of the year starting at €139 and will come out in Taiwan in August for NT$4,990.