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You have to live life on the edge to get this transparent Galaxy S8 phone

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The guy, maybe Jerry, over at the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel isn’t afraid to take screwdrivers, heat guns, and paint thinner to his smartphones. In a video uploaded today, he takes his new Samsung Galaxy S8, scrapes the paint off, and turns it into a fully transparent device. It looks super cool and reminds me of both the see-through Game Boy and those transparent home phones.

To get the device to be transparent, JerryRigEverything pries the glass backing off the phone using heat and a special tool. Once off, he uses an epoxy paint remover to take off the coloring. While this would have been sufficient enough for most people, the guy at JerryRigEverything wanted to go even further. The NFC chip for wireless charging blocks the pretty inside guts, so he removes it by taking out 14 screws. It’s dicey, but he succeeds and is able to secure the backing with double-sided tape. The phone just can’t be wirelessly charged and isn’t waterproof anymore.

You can watch the entire process — which apparently took less than an hour — below. I wouldn’t recommend doing this at home unless you’re oddly adept at using razor blades and don’t care if your fancy new phone is destroyed.