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Acer's Aspire U27 all-in-one desktop is liquid-cooled and fanless

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I'll admit my bias up front: I think all-in-one PCs typically represent all the worst compromises. It's laptop-ish performance in a desktop form factor, without the upgradeability that a desktop tower offers.

But people buy them anyway, and Acer's new U27 seems like an interesting option. The standout feature is the "LiquidLoop" liquid cooling technology that allows the PC to be fanless. Fan noise can be a real problem for all-in-ones with higher-end specs, so I'm glad to see Acer fighting back. Unfortunately, there's no mention of discrete graphics on this system, and Intel's integrated graphics never needed much cooling to begin with.


Like most new all-in-ones, the U27 supports Windows Hello logins with an IR camera. The built-in 27-inch screen is 1080p, and, as a nice perk, the PC has HDMI input for using the screen for non-PC purposes.

The machines start at $1,099. They support new-generation Intel Core processors, up to 32GB of RAM, and Intel Optane Memory as a hard drive cache. The U27 should ship in July.