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Nintendo's Metal Slime-themed 2DS XL is unexpectedly classy

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Nintendo just announced its new clamshell 2DS XL, but there's already a special edition version announced for Japan. The New 2DS XL Dragon Quest Liquid Metal Edition — it's actually a 2DS "LL" in Japan, and the name is in Japanese, but this is a fair translation — will ship in a bundle with Dragon Quest XI in July.

Look at the cute metallic Slime face poking out of there! He just wants to be your metal friend, while you farm him mercilessly for EXP.

My favorite limited edition 3DS so far was that $99 model Nintendo released last year for Black Friday, but I don't know this Metal Slime look is pretty great. It is a lot more expensive, though: it's priced at 22,480 yen (about $200), compared to the $149.99 for the standard New 2DS XL.

While you're waiting for July to roll around so you can import this, don't forget to check out the actually-kind-of-great Dragon Quest Heroes II.