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Onkyo adds Chromecast support to tons of its AV gear with a firmware update

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Google’s Chomecast is making its way to a whole bunch of new devices today as Onkyo releases a firmware update adding support to AV receivers and speakers under its various brands.

That includes Onkyo’s own branded gear, along with Integra and Pioneer, which are owned by Onkyo and also have products included in the update. Once installed, users will be able to easily stream music from Chomecast-enabled smartphone apps, as well as use Google Home and Google Assistant to start playing music through voice commands. For the full list of compatible devices, check the handy roundup over at HD Guru.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen devices get Chromecast support via firmware update, either. Unlike other wireless solutions like Apple’s AirPlay, there isn’t any unique hardware that a device needs to have to be able to add Chromecast integration.