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Nikon celebrates 100th anniversary with limited edition cameras and a Swarovski figurine

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Nikon is turning 100 this year and to ring in the big anniversary, the company is releasing commemorative models of its cameras, lenses, and binoculars, as well as some miscellaneous accessories. Most people are probably going to be interested in the special edition D5 and D500. The D5 ships with a new anniversary booklet while the D500 includes a metal case and a commemorative leather strap.

The cameras are cool, but what I’m really excited about is Nikon’s new Swarovski crystal Nikon Model I figurine. Who among us is both a Nikon camera devotee and a Swarovski collector? I feel like the crossover isn’t high, but maybe Nikon knows something about its customers that I don’t.

The company’s also releasing a collection of 25 lapel pins, a new leather camera strap, and a miniature Nikon F camera model. Nikon has some seriously good gift-giving ideas. More details on pricing and ordering will be available in June. All the products are listed here, including anniversary-edition binoculars and zoom lenses.