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You can buy a colorful, customized Nintendo Switch for $499

You can buy a colorful, customized Nintendo Switch for $499


ColorWare’s latest project

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ColorWare Nintendo Switch

Gadget-painting company ColorWare — which paints customized versions of everything from Roombas to iPhones — has added the Nintendo Switch to its ever-growing lineup. You can now buy a brand-new Switch through ColorWare, and customize it using 58 different colors, both solid and metallic, before finishing it off with a gloss or matte finish. The customization includes the front and back of the Switch tablet, the Joy-Con controllers, and even the dock.

Of course, the added splash of color comes at a price. Purchasing a Switch through ColorWare will cost $499, a $200 premium over a standard unit. The company says that painted units will ship in six to eight weeks. It’s definitely not cheap, but for those looking for a custom Switch, there are few other options at the moment. Recently custom vinyl skin maker dbrand explained that Nintendo’s new console and its controllers are “not compatible with vinyl wraps or any adhesive-backed skin of any kind.”