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Philips’ new voice recorder adds ‘revolutionary’ new features like a rechargeable battery

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Philips has a new version of its SpeechMike Premium dictation microphone, the SpeechMike Premium Air, which adds some “revolutionary” new features to the favored document dictation tool of “healthcare, legal and business professionals” like the inclusion of batteries and wireless syncing technology.

Now, as the press release proudly boasts, “users can comfortably pace around their office whilst recording their thoughts,” a hitherto unprecedented ability for the dictation microphone industry that’s sure to make restless business professionals briskly pace with joy.

The hardware of the SpeechMike Premium Air is otherwise unchanged from the previous SpeechMike Premium Touch model that was released in June last year, and maintains the same mutant cross between a beard trimmer and an old TV remote. The device itself gets up to 23 hours on a charge. It can even be operated through an optional foot control when connected to a charging dock to allow you to achieve optimal efficiency like a true titan of industry.

Philips will release the SpeechMike Premium Air sometime this summer, but no price or release date has been announced.