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Here’s a robot that’ll toss salads for you for a cool $30,000

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What a deal

Sally the salad-making robot is here

This robot can make you a salad in 60 seconds.

Posted by Circuit Breaker on Tuesday, April 18, 2017

This here is Sally. It’s a machine created by Chowbotics Inc. that’s designed to put together various kinds of salads in about 60 seconds. The machine weighs about 350 pounds, and is initially aimed at businesses such as co-working spaces or supermarkets for what’s essentially a smart salad vending machine to offer to visitors. According to a report by Bloomberg, Chowbotics will soon shrink the device down to a size that’s appropriate for households.

Sally lets eaters select from a preestablished menu and show them caloric information for each serving. Although the company claims the machine is more hygienic than human chefs, Sally doesn’t make salads from start to finish — someone still has to dice all the ingredients and feed them into the machine. Hey, at least you don’t have to buy proprietary salad pods. TechCrunch reports that the system has sensors to alert people when ingredients are low. Despite being made from a company based in California, Sally reportedly doesn’t play well with avocado, presumably due to its fleshy texture.

So basically, this $30,000 machine dispenses vegetables, meats, and dressing and mixes them up for you. What a time to be alive! It’s expected to publicly launch on April 13th at Galvanize, a co-working space in San Francisco. If all goes well, Chowbotics will continue to create other food-making robots for a variety of other cuisines. As long as it’s nothing like this other salad-tossing robot, I think it’s already off on a better track.

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