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Build a miniature NAS out of a NanoPi NEO with this simple kit

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The NanoPi NEO is an $8 version of the $5 Raspberry Pi Zero built by a company called FriendlyARM that launched last summer. Except the NanoPi NEO has the added advantage of usually being in stock to purchase (something that the Pi Zero has had difficulties with in the past).

To go along with the miniature computer, the company is releasing an add-on kit that converts the NanoPi NEO into a 1-bay NAS (via Liliputing). But what’s impressive about the NanoPi NEO NAS kit — aside from its diminutive size — is the price, which comes out to $12.99. (Although you’ll also need a power adaptor, sold separately for $9.89, and a 2.5-inch SATA hard drive to actually put inside the storage bay, just like any other NAS.)

Still, even considering the price of everything together, you’re getting a completely open-source NAS that can run Linux and is about the size of a large smartphone for just over $30. This is a pretty price if you’re looking for a quick-and-simple NAS solution.