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JVC announces a new batch of cheap Bluetooth headphones

Photo: JVC

JVC announced a slate of new Bluetooth headphones today, with the goal of expanding its 2017 lineup of wireless headphones to include a wider range of styles. To that end, the company has introduced five new pairs of headphones, all of which share equally confusing names: the Marshmallow HA-FX39BT, the HA-ET50BT, the HA-EC30BT, the HA-S190BT, and the HA-S90BT.

The Marshmallow HA-FX39BT is the first wireless version of the company’s Marshmallow line of headphones, offered in a neckband form factor for $49.95.

Photo: JVC

The HA-ET50BT and the HA-EC30BT are sports-focused — the former a pair of in-ear headphones, the later an ear clip model — and offer water resistance and a magnetic clip to hold the headphones together when not in use. The HA-ET50BT cost $79.95, while the HA-EC30BT will set you back $59.95.

When it comes to on-ear headphones, JVC has the HA-S190BT, which comes in five colors and will cost $49.95. Incidentally, that also sums up basically everything we know about them.

Photo: JVC

And lastly, there’s the company’s $149.95 flagship HA-S90BT model, which offer noise canceling. Unlike the other models, JVC actually gave a few details on battery life: the company claims that the HA-S90BT gets 20 hours of music with noise cancelation over Bluetooth, 24 hours over Bluetooth with noise cancelation turned off, and up to 40 hours when used as wired headphones without noise cancelation. Yes, if you use them as wired headphones, they still need to be charged.

Beyond that, JVC isn’t offering much in the way of actual hard specifications for any of the headphone models beyond price, but given the relatively budget nature of all the models, you’re likely picking up a pair for monetary reasons rather than auditory.