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Sony’s new durable SSDs are designed for 4K video

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Harder, better, faster, stronger

Solid state drives may be more durable than their magnetic, disk-based hard drive counterparts, but quickly transferring data to and from the drives can still wear them out, causing failure and data loss. Especially if you're doing something like filming 4K video, which needs to be able to quickly write data to an SSD at a constant rate without error.

Sony’s new G Series Professional SSDs, however, are specifically designed for just that kind of scenario, according to Engadget. The company claims that the new drives can ensure stable 4K video recording without frame drops, even after the SDDs have been subjected to multiple rewrites. Additionally, Sony says that the new drives feature a physically more durable SATA connector than standard drives, allowing the G Series models to be inserted and removed up to 3,000 times before failing.

The line consists of two drives — the $539 SV-GS96, which offers 960GB of storage, and the smaller, $287 SV-GS48, which has 480GB of space. According to Sony, the 960GB G Series SSD is rated for a lifetime total of 2,400 TB written, which translates to roughly 10 years of completely filling the drive five times a week. (The 460GB drive can reach 1,200 TB over its lifetime, for roughly five years of similar use.)

Both drives will be available in May.