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ASUS built a 1080p FreeSync monitor that’s easy on the wallet

ASUS built a 1080p FreeSync monitor that’s easy on the wallet


The ASUS VG245Q should sell for around $200

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If you're building a high-end gaming PC, you're probably looking at a high refresh rate monitor, 4K, or both. But if you're building a system on a budget and you're going to struggle to hit 60 fps with your favorite games at 1080p, FreeSync or G-Sync could be a godsend. A variable refresh monitor, synced to your graphics card with one of these technologies, can keep your image from tearing when the frame rate dips below 60, without the associated lag of VSync.

Unfortunately, Nvidia's G-Sync is an added cost for monitor manufacturers, and typically comes with a heavy premium, so the only true budget option is FreeSync, which is spearheaded by AMD and part of the DisplayPort spec.

Given these constraints, ASUS just hit the sweet spot with its new VG245Q display, according to AnandTech, with a variable refresh rate of 40 to 75Hz, and FreeSync support over DisplayPort. The 24-inch, 1080p screen also has an advertised 1ms response time. Of course, at this price you're not getting the nicest LCD panel in the world, but ASUS did manage to squeeze in a couple niceties like built-in speakers and a headphone jack — especially important if you're plugging in a console to this monitor over HDMI.

ASUS hasn't announced a price yet, but it's a fair guess this screen will retail around $200, which is a good bit cheaper than most FreeSync options out there.

Of course, if you're playing League of Legends, or Overwatch on low, and plan to have a frame rate in the hundreds, you're much better off with a 144Hz monitor. ASUS sells one for $200 with very similar specs to the VG245Q.