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Crosley made a Star Wars-edition turntable for Record Store Day

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Image: Crosley

Crosley gets you, Star Wars fans. For Record Store Day this year, the company is releasing a special edition of its portable Cruiser Deluxe turntable. An image from Star Wars: A New Hope’s iconic movie poster will encase the player, thereby making it a themed item.

Is this enough to get someone to spend more than $100 on a turntable with poor Amazon reviews? Probably, although we aren’t going to recommend that you buy this thing. We’re just telling you that it exists and that Record Store Day is on April 22nd. If you have an undying love for Star Wars and are in the market for a portable turntable with built-in speakers that can also pair over Bluetooth, maybe this is the gadget you’ve been wanting. Maybe.

Image: Crosley

How do you all feel about this? Is it cheesy? Would you judge your friend for buying? Keep in mind that you have to go to an independent record store to find this; Urban Outfitters can’t help you. Maybe that adds to the cool? Probably not.