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Do AirPod stickers ruin the hanging toothbrush head aesthetic?

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Photo: AirPod Stickers

Not everyone digs the AirPods’ plain white style, so in the months following their release, we’ve seen a few options for customizing them, including custom paint jobs and colored stickers. Now, another online retailer is making stickers, too, but its designs are more spunky than a simple color. AirPod Stickers, yes that’s the website, says it’ll ship you stickers for your AirPods in either rose gold, gold, silver, or glossy black.

Like these:

Photo: AirPod Stickers

A pair costs $9.50. I’m super into the smiley face, but at the same time, I think they could end up looking tacky. Sometimes simple is just better, and the AirPods really are minimal, as is Apple’s whole product lineup.

Still, $9.50 is a lot cheaper than your other customization options, like ColorWare’s custom paint jobs that cost $130 more than regular AirPods and Air Vinyl, which customizes the AirPods case with stickers. SlickWraps also sells stickers for $14.50, if you want a more well-known retailer than the random AirPods Stickers.