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Samsung’s new MU Series TVs makes 4K quality slightly more affordable

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Samsung announced the availability and pricing of its 2017 MU TV series yesterday, which makes Ultra 4K resolution affordable. The screens range from 40 inches to 82 inches and all also support High Dynamic Range.

The series options vary by their feature set, so the most affordable, the MU 6 Series, only includes Samsung’s Smart TV interface and its Smart Remote Control, whereas the MU 9 Series includes the interface, remote, an anti-reflective layer on the screen, and more intense colors and blacks, according to Samsung. The MU 6 starts at $549 while the MU 9 starts at $1,999. You can see full pricing on Samsung’s website.

While these TVs are definitely cheap, particularly for Samsung, they aren’t the most affordable you can get with 4K resolution and HDR. Vizio’s 2017 E-Series starts at $550 for the 55-inch version, so you’re getting 15 more inches for the same price as the entry-level MU 6.