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Amazon is bringing its newest Fire TV Stick to the UK

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Fire TV stick

Amazon is now selling its new Fire TV Stick in the UK. It’ll costs £39.99, or $50, and includes the Alexa Voice Remote. The UK version of the Fire TV Stick supports services like the BBC iPlayer and broadcasters like ITV, Channel 4, and Five.

Amazon typically releases its products in the US first, with international locations to follow. The Echo, for instance, only arrived in the UK and Germany this past fall, nearly two years after its debut. Maybe Amazon is finally speeding up its process, given that the newest TV Stick came out only around six months ago in the US.

Correction 4/5, 2:28 ET: Updated to reflect that this news impacts only the most recent model of the Fire TV Stick. The Fire TV Stick has previously been sold in the UK.