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Nvidia launches world-beating Titan Xp graphics card

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Along with upcoming Mac support for 10-series cards

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Nvidia Titan Xp

Nvidia's been enjoying a long and uninterrupted run at the top of the graphics card heap, and it just extended its lead with the new Titan Xp. For $1,200, the card offers the same Pascal GP102 GPU as the $5,000-ish Quadro P6000, with all 3,840 CUDA cores to play with. It also has much faster memory than the Quadro, bumping up from the 10GHz of last year's Titan to 11.4Ghz. Like the Titan X (which can now be had for around $1,000, if you can find it in stock), the Xp has 12GB of GDDR5X RAM.

With the GTX 1080 Ti on the market for a mere $699, and offering similar or better performance to last year's Titan, Nvidia needed a new statement card at the top end of its enthusiast line, and the Xp fills that niche nicely.

We're still waiting for AMD's response to Pascal, with its upcoming 14nm "Vega" architecture slated to be launched any day now. Hopefully it can compete, but in the meantime Nvidia rules supreme at the high end.

Additionally, Nvidia announced today that it's working on beta Mac drivers for its 10-series cards (via 9To5Mac), which is great news for anyone looking to build themselves a sweet Hackintosh while Apple fixes its pro Mac shortcomings, or if you want to try and run an external GPU with a Mac laptop.