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Bixby voice features start to roll out for Galaxy S8 users in South Korea

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No date for US release yet

Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

When the Galaxy S8 launched a little over a week ago, it was missing a critical feature: the voice command support for Samsung’s new Bixby digital assistant, which the company promised would be coming at a later date. That date seems to today, at least for S8 and S8 Plus owners in South Korea, who now can access the feature, according to a report from ZDNet.

S8 owners have been able to use the Bixby Vision augmented reality, Bixby Home, and Reminders features since launch. But the full voice control recognizes the major selling point of the new virtual assistant, which Samsung claims will allow users to accomplish anything they could do with regular touch controls through voice commands.

Samsung promised at the time that Bixby Voice would be available in the US “later this spring,” so hopefully the Korean roll out is indicative of a wider worldwide launch, although the company still has yet to announce an exact date for the feature to hit other countries.