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How many accessories for an accessory is too many accessories?

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A company called Elago is now selling a charging stand for AirPods. You have to thread your Lightning charging cable through the AirPods stand, but once you do, the silicone stand is designed to sit on your bedside table or wherever else you’d store your AirPods daily. You can just plug the AirPods in from there. It’s convenient, I guess, and slightly more stylish. The stand costs $10.99 on Amazon.


Lots of companies are betting you want accessories for your AirPods. We’ve seen stickers, cases, custom paint jobs, and even straps that’ll turn them into neckbuds. I’m sure other accessories exist, too. The question for me is how many accessories is too many accessories for an accessory? It’s feasible that you could be spending not only money on the AirPods themselves, but also a paint job, a strap for them, a case for their case, a charging stand, and a spare Lightning cable. Hopefully you never lose your pair because that’s a lot of invested money.