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PBS made the cutest TV streaming stick probably ever

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PBS Kids is releasing an HDMI TV streaming stick that promises to deliver kid friendly content without a Wi-Fi connection, meaning the stick can be taken anywhere. In addition to more than 100 hours’ worth of content that’s stored locally with its 16GB of storage, the stick features offline games that kids can access through an included remote. When connected to Wi-Fi, the Plug & Play offers access to a 24 / 7 PBS Kids channel / live stream that was developed in partnership with local PBS stations. The device is powered by microUSB, has 1GB of RAM, and features an SD card slot.

The offline content idea is cool and all, but what I’m really psyched about is the design of this stick. It’s so appropriately PBS that my non-cable-having heart is swelling. It’s a race car! What the heck! Also the remote has a little star to mark the menu. Yep, my heart can’t handle it.

Anyway, the Plug & Play is exclusively available at Walmart. It goes on sale online today for $49.99, but will be in stores by May 24th. Other retailers will carry the device later this year.