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The Corsair Dominator Platinum Special Edition Torque is as over the top as its name

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Corsair is not exactly new to making absurd-looking RAM — the company describes itself as “a world leader in enthusiast memory,” and has released products like the illuminated Corsair Vengeance LED, which adds fancy aluminum detailing and glowing lights to computer memory.

But the company’s latest release takes things even farther, with a special edition color variant of Corsair’s Dominator Platinum RAM. The Corsair Dominator Platinum Special Edition Torque (that is the full real name) is identical to the original when it comes to the actual hardware. It stands out with a custom paint job, which swaps the regular aluminum for a far nicer brushed black version, adds some orange metallic accents, and a heat-treated effect top bar that gives the impression that your computer could almost be as fast as a fine-tuned muscle car. Oh, and like the regular Dominator Platinum, it lights up, too, because how could it not?

Spec-wise, the Torque models are still DDR4 RAM that are overclocked to 3600 MHz speeds. It’s available in two 32GB configurations: a 2 x 16GB set for $399, or a 4 x 8GB set for $449. That’s slightly more expensive than Corsair’s regular colored RAM, but if you’re the kind of person to drop a couple hundred dollars on individually numbered, limited edition, laser-engraved RAM, then you’re probably okay with that already.