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RHA’s newest headphones will compete against Apple’s Beats X

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The MA650 and MA750

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RHA is releasing two new headphones this summer, the MA650 and the MA750, and they’re both inspired by Apple’s Beats X. Both headphones feature the flexible, contoured neckband popularized by Apple’s latest headphones, and both come with the usual slate of midrange headphone specs including aptX, noise isolation, and 12 hours of playback.

The MA650 features a 380.1 dynamic driver while there is a 560.1 dynamic driver in the MA750 (as well as over-the-ear hooks), likely making up for the $70 price difference. The MA650 will cost $99 and the MA750 will come in at $169 — more expensive than the Beats X which seems like a mistake — when they are released later this summer.