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Samsung's Chromebook Pro spotted in black ahead of imminent release

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Chromebook Pro

Would you look at that, it's our first glimpse at the Chromebook Pro that was originally supposed to go on sale in April. Sure we saw a silver prototype already, but this is the first time we've seen the device in its final black finish. Remember, this Intel-based touchscreen convertible with stylus runs Chrome OS and real Android apps. Kind of.

Here, take a closer look before I explain:

First spotted by Chrome Unboxed, the Chromebook Pro is listed on Amazon this very moment for $549.99 with an estimated release date of May 28th. Yeah, that would be a month later than originally announced, but recall what Dieter Bohn said about the Chromebook Pro’s ability to run Android apps when he didn't review it in February:

"But because its software is still in beta right now, it's not a dream at all. It's the other thing. It's a nightmare."

Google I/O kicks off on Wednesday, and with any luck we'll find out that the beta nightmare is over.