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Corsair is getting into the gaming chair market

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Image: Corsair

Corsair is launching its first gaming chair today, and like most popular gaming chairs these days, it’s designed to look like it belongs in a racecar. The leather T1 Race apparently has arm rests that can be raised and lowered like any office chair. They can also shift and swivel, which is kind of nifty. Generally, Corsair says the design will provide neck and lumbar support for extended gaming sessions. I’m particularly into the idea that it tilts up to 10 degrees and can recline completely. You might never need to get up because you can sleep in it whenever you want, like a true adult. And because it’s on wheels, you can scoot over to the kitchen or bathroom. Seriously, become one with the chair. The T1 is available in five colors — yellow, blue, red, white, or black — and costs $350.

Corsair is one of many companies that thinks gamers want to sit in racing-style chairs. Just do a Google search for “gaming racing chairs.” You can order them through Walmart, even.

Why do companies think gamers want gaming racing chairs? Why do professional e-sports players all sit in these chairs? I wish I had an answer for you, but maybe it’s just that office chairs have run their course. Or maybe it’s easier to get people to spend money when a company claims to have reinvented routine furniture. Plus, in the pursuit of branding gamers’ entire play areas, a chair is a pretty essential part of the room. Look at how big Corsair’s name is on both the front and back of the T1:

Image: Corsair
Image: Corsair

That branding will be prominent during every live stream, so yeah, I guess it makes sense that a computer peripheral company is getting into the chair market.