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Here’s a French e-reader with colorful smart cases and a square shape

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Bookeen / Carrefour

French retailer Carrefour has teamed up with Bookeen, an e-reader company, to release and develop a new e-reader. Surprise. The two companies put out their first Nolim e-reader in 2013 and are now refreshing it. The revamped version features a 6-inch E Ink touchscreen display (1024 x 758 resoultion), 8GB of storage, and Wi-Fi connectivity. It’ll cost €129. Given that Amazon put out its square-shaped Paperwhite last year, Carrefour and Bookeen had to find a way to make theirs sound more interesting. Their answer? A smart case that turns the device on and off when it’s opened and closed. Yup. These are available in five different colors: green, burgundy, orange, dark grey, and light grey. I appreciate the choices, although I’m pretty sure the Nolim is only available in France, so even if you were tempted by these smart cases, you’d have to head to Europe to get them.