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Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Active looks like a rugged LG G6

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Active looks like a rugged LG G6

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Galaxy S8 Active leak

It’s getting close to the time of year when Samsung usually introduces a rugged version of its latest Galaxy S smartphone. And a new leak from the Wireless Power Consortium reveals a lot about what the S8 Active is going to look like.

It’s only a single photo, but the image lets us know three key things about the S8 Active. First, the display: the S8 Active won’t have curved edges, like the regular S8.

The S8 Active has some serious corners

The big question this year was what Samsung planned to do about the screen, since curved glass may be more susceptible to cracking, and Samsung seems to have decided the best option was to get rid of it altogether. Instead, the S8 Active has a flattened out look but retains the S8’s rounded corners, making the front of the phone look a lot like LG’s G6.

Samsung seems to have made the bezels a little bit larger on the S8 Active, particularly on the sides. But overall, the front of the phone still seems to get fairly close to the nearly all-screen look of actual S8.

The second thing this photo shows is that Samsung isn’t putting buttons back on the front of the phone. That’s not necessarily a huge surprise, but it’ll make the device a bit harder to handle when wet, since owners will be relying on the touchscreen.

And finally, this photo reveals a bit of what Samsung is doing to make the phone rugged. All four of its corners bump out, suggesting they’ve been reinforced to absorb shock should the phone get dropped; it looks a lot like what Samsung has done in the past. We still don’t know exactly how bulky the Active model will look, but recent models have avoided feeling chunky — they’re just not noticeably thin like the main model.

One other thing we don’t know: if Samsung will put camo on the back of this thing.

Galaxy S7 Active
Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

Samsung’s Active phones usually include bigger batteries, shatter-resistant screens, and dust- and water-proofing. They’re also usually exclusive to AT&T and announced in June, so we should hear more soon.