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The Samsung Gear S3 Classic is available through AT&T starting Friday

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Gear S3 smartwatch photos

Well, AT&T could have been later. A couple months after Samsung confirmed the LTE version of its Gear S3 Classic, AT&T has announced it’ll start selling the smartwatch this Friday. From then until June 30th, the Classic and its Frontier counterpart will cost $49.99 if bought with a Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus. If purchased alone, it’ll cost $17.50 a month for 20 months on an installment plan or $249.99 with a two-year agreement. The watch has been available through T-Mobile and Verizon for at least a month already, but at least AT&T is following through on its commitment to carry the device.

Samsung initially planned to only release the Frontier with LTE compatibility, but later decided in March to upgrade its Classic style so that it’ll work with phone plans. The only difference between the Classic now and when it was initially released is a larger 380mAh battery. It only differs from the Frontier looks-wise by its shiny silver finish.