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Prynt made another printer that turns photos into AR video experiences

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Augmented reality can seem pointless at times, but then I remember that all this technology will eventually be built into my glasses or my contact lenses or maybe my brain, and I get excited.

Prynt makes an instant photo printer that pairs with your phone, which isn't special. But when that photo is based on a video, or a Live Photo, the picture comes alive when it's viewed through the Prynt app. I don't like the Harry Potter comparison, because technically the subjects of photos and paintings in the Harry Potter universe usually had some amount of autonomy — they weren't just canned video — but it's basically like Harry Potter.

Prynt's new Pocket printer is a smaller, more portable version of the original. It prints photos faster, and works well according to TechCrunch. It's $149.99, which is a little steep for a gimmick like this. Just ask yourself: when augmented reality is hooked up to your brain, and you look out through your newly installed Cyber-Eyes, will you be sad if all your printed photos don't move? Probs.

Weirdly enough, Prynt isn't the only augmented reality printer on the market: Lifeprint launched in 2016 as well, and is only $129.99. I guess fragmentation will follow us into the future.