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The Vaio Z Mercedes-Benz special edition laptop makes a car noise when it boots up

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"Vroom vroom" is a special sound only cars make, but now you can hear it every time your laptop boots up if you buy this new Mercedes-Benz special edition Vaio Z for the Japanese market. To make sure you grabbed the correct Vaio Z, the one that's only for car lovers and makes car noises, there's a picture of a car on the lid, a Mercedes logo on the trackpad, and a few other hidden Mercedes logos elsewhere on the laptop that probably only people who saw The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift in theaters will ever find.

Here’s the boot-up sound, in case you were curious. I was not disappointed about how it sounds like a car.

Otherwise this laptop is just last year's convertible Vaio Z Flip, with the same specs and an inflated price tag: it's 250,000 yen (about $2,239 US) for the Core i7 model. There are two looks to choose from: one featuring the Vision Tokyo concept car, and the other featuring a classic 300SL. Thankfully, for us slowpokes who don't understand, you can still buy a car-free Core i7 Z Flip for $1,299 at the Microsoft Store, as Liliputing points out.