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You Spider-Can be Spider-Man with your very own Spider-Drone

You Spider-Can be Spider-Man with your very own Spider-Drone

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Science fiction never had a problem with plopping magical floating orb robots into a scene. But now that real drones exist, it's become fashionable to put real-ish drones into sci-fi movies, books, and video games whenever the writers are straining for a modicum of plausibility.

The latest example is the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming, where Spider-Man has a cute little Spider-Drone built into his suit, which he can presumably deploy to solve Spider-Man-type problems.

And of course you can buy a working replica. Sky Viper Drones is launching the Official Movie Edition Spider-Drone, which has eight legs, four rotors, and includes a controller. Oh, and the controller speaks your favorite lines from the movie you haven't seen yet. There are two versions, one that just flies around for $89.99, and one that includes a camera for recording video or streaming it back to your phone — which will retail for $149.99. The normal version will be available on June 4th, while the streaming version will hit Toys R Us shelves on July 1st.

The drones include auto launch and landing, adjustable control sensitivity, and an automatic flight mode that can keep the drone at a steady altitude. It's still a toy, essentially, but that's not a bad list of features. Although if you don't need to pretend like you're Spider-Man, Sky Viper offers similar drones for a much better price.