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Ecobee’s newest smart thermostat has Alexa built in

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Ecobee officially announced its newest smart thermostat today — the Ecobee4 — and, as we expected, it includes a built-in microphone and speaker for Alexa functionality. It also includes a touchscreen and companion app, so you don’t have to rely on voice controls.

Because Alexa already has a bunch of skills, owners can use the Ecobee4 to set a timer, play the news, or control other devices. The thermostat also works with Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, and IFTTT.

The Ecobee4 will be available to preorder starting May 3rd and will actually be available on May 15th for $249. It ships with a wireless temperature sensor and is compatible with up to 32 other sensors.

As an aside, Ecobee also announced a new voice-enabled smart light switch that can determine whether people are in a room, as well as the amount of daylight there is, to make automatic light adjustments. Ecobee says both the light switch and thermostat are part of a broader goal to bring voice recognition to every room in the house, so I guess get ready for an onslaught of more Alexa-enabled devices.