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Corsair releases a snack-proof gaming keyboard

Corsair releases a snack-proof gaming keyboard

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It’s happened to the best of us: you’re in the heat of a critical moment in a boss battle, throwing back cans of Mountain Dew Game Fuel to keep you going, and tragedy strikes. The condensation-slicked can slides out of your grip, and, as if in slow motion, you watch your drink plummet toward your prized gaming keyboard. Even if the hardware somehow survives the fizzy flood, everyone knows the switches will never feel the same with all that sticky sugar on them.

Fortunately, Corsair has engineered a new ending to this tragic tale with its K68 mechanical keyboard, designed to survive dust and spills with an IP32 rating. Each key on the K68 has an individual silicone rubber shield to protect the internal hardware.

Water resistance aside, the K68 is a solid gaming keyboard that’s in line with the company’s other midrange offerings. The K68 is available with Cherry MX Red switches backlit with red LEDs, which can be customized using Corsair’s Cue application for different lighting effects. Cue can also be used to program macros for quick actions while gaming. And, in a nice touch, Corsair has added a Windows key lock button to help players avoid accidentally opening the Start menu, similar to other gaming keyboards.

The Corsair K68 is available now from Corsair’s website for $99.99.