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Sony’s extravagant XZ Premium goes on sale this month for $799

Sony’s extravagant XZ Premium goes on sale this month for $799


Available to preorder on June 12th and buy unlocked on June 19th

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Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

It seems like a long time since Sony unveiled its flagship XZ Premium at MWC in February, but the luxe handset is finally going on sale in the US. The XZ Premium will be available to preorder from Best Buy and Amazon for $799 on June 12th, or buy outright and unlocked on June 19th from the same retailers, plus Fry’s. Its standout features are a 5.5-inch 4K screen and camera capable of capturing slow-motion 720p, 960 fps video footage. In our first impressions earlier this year, we weren’t sure if the XZ Premium belonged in a museum (and not in a good way).

Also going on sale from Sony in June: the company’s Xperia Touch projector, which is capable of turning any surface into a touchscreen. It’ll retail for an eye-watering $1,699.99, and is available to preorder online on June 16th or buy in store exclusively at Sony’s flagship Madison Ave store in NYC. The projector is powered by Android and is supposed to be used like a digital hub for families, offering functions like Skype video chat and a shared notice board.

These are premium devices, and they follow Sony’s new strategy of focusing on the high-end of the mobile market. The company announced last week that it would be discontinuing its “premium standard” mobiles (aka midrange) to concentrate on selling pricier handsets. Sony is launching at least two more Xperia phones later this year, and one of the last of its midrange devices — the $299 Xperia XA1 — also goes on sale in June, available in stores starting on July 2nd.