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Lenovo teases ‘bold’ new Motorola phone announcement coming tomorrow

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Lenovo’s Motorola Canada Twitter account is building the hype. Tomorrow, apparently, the company is announcing its “next bold phone.” The tweet comes with an attached GIF of a woman with ‘80s-esque hair and clothes sitting in a hair salon. I don’t know how this could possibly relate to the phone, but here’s to hoping Lenovo brings the message home tomorrow.

The announcement could involve the rumored Moto Z2 Play, which has leaked multiple times over the past few months. That phone is expected to include a smaller battery than its predecessor, the Z Play, with a 3000mAh capacity. That drop in battery life reduces the phone’s thickness, too. TechnoBuffalo leaked the below image in April:

Image: TechnoBuffalo

We’ll keep you posted tomorrow on Lenovo’s announcement and whether all these Z2 Play leaks were actually accurate.