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LG has released an affordable laser projector


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Photo: LG

Laser projectors aren’t exactly cheap, and portable ones will cost you even more. That’s why LG’s $1,500 ProBeam laser projector is notable — it’s (relatively) cheap and can be moved without much hassle.

The 4.6-pound ProBeam, which is about the size of a football, can project up to 2,000 lumens of brightness and produce a picture as big as 120 inches at 1080p. (It’s kind of disappointing that this isn’t 4K.) The usual slate of HDMIs, audio outs, and USB ports are also included. It also comes with Bluetooth support, so you can connect your headphones or portable speakers.

Photo: LG

The projector runs webOS as well, giving you full smart TV features for all the cord cutters out there. The LG ProBeam is available today from online retailers including Newegg and B&H.