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Circuit Breaker

Let's talk about this robot god Bluetooth speaker on your coffee table

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Hey buddy, how's it going? Everything cool? Work is good? Good to know. So yeah, anyway, I was wondering what's up with the three-foot-tall polygonal robot statue on your coffee table that's also a Bluetooth speaker?

Kalium Labs

First off, who am I to judge? I have a framed Doritos bag on my wall. I understand the appeal of "outsider art."

One sec, let's watch this YouTube trailer for the Sound Heroes video game tie-in for your Bluetooth speaker robot statue that's glaring into my soul:

See what just happened there? Do you know what I mean? No, I guess I'm not making myself clear.

Maybe this GIF pulled from your Bluetooth speaker's comic book tie-in will say it better:

I know you know what I'm getting at: $280 for a novelty Bluetooth speaker on Indiegogo that's also a charging dock, a Wi-Fi range extender, and a subwoofer? You know? 16 million RGB LED color variations? Right?


Glad we had this talk.