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Corsair's new gaming mouse comes with swappable thumb grips

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Image: Corsair

This is a great time to be a mouse user. The high-end sensors are all excellent, the response times are near-instantaneous, and now big peripheral companies are battling it out in software and hardware customizability — and, of course, RGB lights.

Corsair's new Glaive RGB gaming mouse is a right-handed mouse that comes with three swappable thumb grips so you can pick the exact shape you're comfortable with. It has a 16,000 DPI sensor (overkill, but the new high-end default) which can be tuned in the single digits to match your preferred sensitivity. The mouse has six buttons in total, all of which can be mapped to macros with Corsair's software, and you can use a built-in button to cycle through up to five stored DPI settings.

Like many high-end mice these days, the Glaive RGB can store your settings in its onboard memory, meaning you don't have to install the Corsair software on every PC you want to play on.

The mouse has customizable RGB lights, of course, which are so common in gaming hardware that I think you could make a splash in the market by going without, but maybe I'm crazy. Glaive RGB is available now for $69.99.

Image: Corsair