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This might be the first image of Amazon’s Echo with a touchscreen

This might be the first image of Amazon’s Echo with a touchscreen

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Photo: AFTVnews

It’s been rumored for a while now that Amazon is working on a touchscreen version of the Echo speaker, and today we’re getting some evidence and a sense of what it’ll look like.

AFTVnews located a small photo on Amazon’s servers that it believes to be the new incarnation of the Echo. Unfortunately, the image is pretty tiny, but it makes the device look like a video monitor with a big speaker beneath it. There appears to be a camera on top, too.

An announcement could be coming soon

Though there aren’t obvious Amazon markings in the photo, there’s good reason to believe AFTVnews has actually found the new Echo here. The site previously spotted the Echo Look on Amazon’s servers just over a month before the camera was revealed, and it says this picture was found in the same manner.

Cnet previously reported that the touchscreen Echo could be revealed later this month. Given that there now seems to be at least one image floating around Amazon’s servers, that sounds like a real possibility.

We still don’t know anything about what Amazon will use the touchscreen for. The camera and shape of the device suggest video calling as one obvious possibility. Amazon also has its Fire line of tablets, so we may see some crossover from there.