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Putting SD card slots in a wallet is a great solution for clumsy photographers

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I am so reckless with SD cards that I often resort to sticking spare ones in one of the card slots of my wallet. My fear that they will slip out of those slots has almost pushed me to buy a better dedicated SD card case than the one I already own (which I typically leave in my camera bag). But PetaPixel may have just found the perfect happy medium: a wallet with dedicated SD card pouches.

Made by a company called Cooperative of Photography (or COOPH), the €69 ($76) “Card Holder ORIGINAL” wallet comes in black or tan leather and fits four standard-sized SD cards in snug, stitched little pockets. (Compact Flash card users move along, nothing to see here.) It’s not quite the first attempt at this idea, though it seems to be the most well executed. As wallets go, it’s a bit on the skimpy side, offering just three slots for credit cards or ID.

A real SD card case will always be the better option for organizing and protecting the little slabs of plastic and metal that we use to store photos and videos. But I’m not ashamed to admit that I love how much this idea caters to my hunger for convenience. At the least, it would help me step up from the blithe way I currently treat SD cards. At best, the idea might be enough to encourage me to just be a little more careful with my gear.