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Apple will provide free Smart Keyboard repairs for three years because of ‘functional issues’

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Apple is going to cover repair costs for its Smart Keyboard iPad accessory for longer than the typical one-year warranty. Now, they’ll be free for up to three years. The company has discovered that some of the keyboards “may experience functional issues during use.” Both MacRumors and 9to5Mac reported on the extended service program.

In an internal memo sent to its retail stores and authorized repair providers, Apple runs through a handful of potential defects that some units have exhibited. They include unresponsive keys, stuck keys (and repeating keystrokes), and problems connecting to the iPad via the tablet’s Smart Connector.

The Smart Keyboard comes in both 12.9- and 9.7-inch versions, which corresponds with the two current iPad Pro sizes. The smaller keyboard retails for $150 and the larger is slightly more expensive at $170. Apple regularly extends the timeframe during which it will conduct free repairs when the company discovers hardware issues affecting one of its products. Customers who might’ve already paid out of pocket for a previous Smart Keyboard repair can expect to be refunded soon.