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Amazon’s touchscreen Echo Show will reportedly ship in June for $229.99

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Evan Blass (Twitter)

Amazon’s touchscreen-equipped Echo has leaked all over the place in the past week, and now we have some crucial bits of info from AFTVnews, which posted the first image of the device. It’s apparently called the Echo Show, according to a new image received by the site, and pre-orders are set to start tomorrow (May 9th) for $229.99.

The Echo Show will reportedly start shipping on June 28th in the US; AFTVnews says it’ll likely cost £219.99 in the UK and €239.99 in Europe, but the release dates may differ. This information matches up with a Wall Street Journal report from earlier today, which said that the touchscreen Echo would cost over $200 and could be announced as soon as tomorrow. It sounds like we won’t have long to wait to hear word from Amazon itself.

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