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The Nintendo Switch is now capable of saving your credit card info

The Nintendo Switch is now capable of saving your credit card info


Yeah, Nintendo’s not the greatest at this stuff

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An image of a Nintendo Switch on a table with its kickstand extended.
Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

Nintendo has never been the most with it company at building out its digital games store. As just one example, until today you couldn’t actually save payment information when purchasing a title on the Nintendo Switch. Every time, you’d have to reenter your credit card number and billing details. Now it’s possible that some people don’t want Nintendo storing that sensitive data. But it’s also 2017, and I’d wager that a much larger percentage of consumers would probably expect and prefer that convenience.

Thankfully, as noted by Engadget, Nintendo has made a sever-side update to the eShop, and now it’s possible. The next time you use the store to buy something (or re-up on funds), you’ll see a “Save” checkmark that will carry over your payment method for future purchases.

“But I already bought Mario Kart,” you’re probably thinking. “When’s the next time I’ll actually want to get another Switch game?” Perhaps Thursday, when Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition hits the store. If not, Arms is scheduled for release in June, with Splatoon 2 following just over a month later (if both shipping dates hold). And you won’t have to enter your credit card number three times! Technology is a true marvel.