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Otterbox made a rugged food cooler for more durable picnics

Otterbox made a rugged food cooler for more durable picnics

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I've never owned an Otterbox case, but I respect them. It's the sort of phone case that implies, "I might be in danger soon, or at least covered in mud, and I plan to survive and thrive in that environment." None of this really applies to me in any way. So you can imagine the combination of respect and indifference I felt when I learned that Otterbox is launching a line of coolers that you put food in. Since I don't like to go camping and am rarely given any responsibility over food, and due to the previously listed caveats, I think Otterbox really has outdone itself here in avoiding my particular market segment.

The Venture coolers come in three sizes: Venture 25, 45, and 65. They're expensive, starting at $249.99 for the 25-quart version, and overengineered like crazy. The real standout feature is assortment of clip-on accessories, like the bottle opener, cup holder, cutting board, and drybox.

The coolers are "certified bear-resistant," have been drop-tested on "every side and edge," and can hold ice for up to 14 days. Good job, Otterbox. You do you.