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Alienware debuts new gaming mice, keyboards, and a 240Hz monitor at E3 2017

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Alienware is debuting a new line of accessories at E3 this year, with new mice, keyboards, and a new high-end gaming monitor that will go perfectly with your Alienware computer.

First up, the mice. Alienware has two new ones to offer: the $49.99 Advanced Gaming Mouse, and the $89.99 Elite Gaming Mouse. Both mice offer the option to quickly switch DPI sensitivity on the fly, customizable LEDs, and nine configurable buttons. The more expensive Elite Gaming Mouse builds on that with more premium materials, adjustable weights, and more DPI levels.

On the keyboard side of things, Alienware has the $89.99 Advanced Gaming Keyboard, which has KaiHua brown mechanical switches and ambient LED lighting. And for a step up, there’s the $119.99 Pro Gaming Keyboard, which adds backlight keys, a dedicated volume roller, and onboard memory for storing macros.

Lastly, there’s the Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor, which offers 1920 x 1080 resolution, a native refresh rate of 240Hz, and a 1-millisecond response time. And true to the company’s philosophy of hardware choice, the Alienware 25 is available in both a $499.99 model with AMD FreeSync or a $699.9 model with Nvidia’s G-Sync, depending on your preference.