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Alienware’s new Area 51 is a multicore monster with Ryzen Threadripper or Intel Core X chips

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Alienware has announced an updated version of its flagship Area 51 gaming PC, which is getting upgraded with a choice of Intel’s new Core X-series processors or AMD’s recently announced Ryzen Threadripper chips.

The Area 51 is built to order, and there’s room for some truly ridiculous specs if you have the means. From Intel Core-X series, customers have the choice of the 6-core i7 7800X, 8-core i7 7820X, or 10-core i9 7900X processors. Meanwhile, graphics cards range from a single Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti, to dual GTX 1080 Ti cards running in SLI, all the way to triple AMD Radeon RX 580s running with AMD Crossfire.

The Threadripper model will be available starting July 27th, while the Core X variant is shipping at the end of the summer. Prices for both have yet to be announced, but given the ridiculous level of high-end hardware Alienware has to offer, it probably won’t be cheap.